Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Headerp solutions a leading sap consultant

Sap is an abbreviated term for system application programming and it is integrated ERP software that targets business requirements. Open communication within and between all company functions is its advantage and it was invented first to create real time business system. The main use of this application is system analysis and program development and it includes several modules that support key functional areas. The former name of Erp software is sap r/3 and in an enterprise it co-ordinates all resources, information and activities that complete business process. The key functional areas that it supports are sap erp financials and sap erp operations. Sap r/3 includes various applications of sap and all its applications were built on sap web application server. The main purpose of this application is to collect and combine different data from separate modules. 

When this system is implemented, it has cost benefits and allows for global information with real time information. This application reduces the redundancy errors and creates more efficient work environment for employees. As like sap r/3, Sap Netweaver is another integrated technology platform and this sap Netweaver is service oriented and provides the run time environment for sap applications. Netweaver is introduced in 2003 and made available in 2004. The best features of this application are, it is interoperability with java EE and .Net and this process is extended by business process management system. Now let us see about sap r/3, it is based on the three tier client server model such as presentation server, application server and database server. The Sap erp differs from sap r/3 because this application is based on sap Net weaver.

So, till now we saw about sap and its other products. From the above lines, you would have come into a conclusion about sap and its benefits. So there are lots of scopes available for this application programming and people who are interested in pursuing career in this domain needs to find the best consultancy that can recruit you in a reputed institution. Chennai, one of the oldest cities in India has many sap consultancy companies that act as a sap recruiters through sap contract staffing. Headerp solution pvt ltd in Chennai is one of the best sap consultancy and outsourcing company that provides different services and recruit candidates in a reputed institution with good salary. They understand the most significant challenges in industry and deliver adaptable solutions with immediate value.

Headerp solution pvt ltd recruit candidates in domains like IT/ITES, banking, finance, insurance and manufacturing sectors. They approach in a friendly way and they are known for their commitment and dedication. They provide HR sourcing in a cost effective way and satisfies your expectation with proper recruitment and contract staffing. They have developed the careers for many professionals and they have contact with many companies so that you don't need to worry about job security and safety. Today, in this competitive world, we need to adapt to different conditions and should be interested in learning many new applications and software.

In chennai, many outsourcing companies are there and headerp solution pvt ltd is one of the best outsourcing and consulting company and provides good services in different fields. HeadERP Solutions pvt Ltd


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